Another Cinderella

I believe I mentioned that the Cinderella dress I made last year for Maya was not authentic enough for her.  “Her dress is all blue.  She doesn’t have any white”.   It was getting really short on her anyway, so I didn’t mind making a more authentic dress for our most recent Disney World trip.

Last year's Cinderella

Last year’s Cinderella–look how little Maya is!!

The pattern for Cinderella is included with the Snow White pattern I used here.

I made the dress extra long and then hemmed it several inches so that she will be able to wear it for several years.


This dress came together pretty quickly compared to Snow White.  There’s no big detachable collar nor cape.  And I must say, my invisible zippers are getting easier to install.

So there you have it.  Another Cinderella.  :)


And here’s Mr. Jacob.  Really not impressed with Cinderella this year.  lol.




Our super awesome family trip to Walt Disney World: Part 3- Princesses and Princes

The next time we go to Disney World I’m going to try to have our days planned before the costumes.  And I’ll tell you why.  Our first two days, because of the meals/character experiences I had planned, meant that the kids wore the same two costumes both days in a row.  Not ideal, but thanks to on site laundry, also not the end of the world.  It would have been nice to have thought a little bit on this though.

In the afternoon of our first day at Magic Kingdom, we had fast passes to see Cinderella and Rapunzel.  Thank goodness I only had a Cinderella dress for Maya, otherwise we would have had to do a quick costume change between characters.  😉  (j/k, I’m not that crazy).  It’s really too bad that they don’t have the princes with the princesses because Jacob would have loved that.  I won’t talk too much about the actual Cinderella and Prince Charming costumes because I’ve already written in depth posts on them here and here.  But I will share some super cute photos.  Maya was in her glory meeting the “real” princesses.  She was a real chatterbox and I think everyone got a kick out of her.  Jacob, on the other hand, was still a bit timid, but he was oh so handsome in his Prince Charming outfit.



Our next day was at Epcot, and for lunch we had reservations to dine with the Princesses at Arkeshus Restaurant in Norway.  This was probably our best dining experience of the whole trip.  On the way in you are greeted by Belle and during our meal we got to meet Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty.  They were all so great with the kids.  My favourite moment was when Cinderella saw Jacob (aka Prince Charming).  Jacob had some food on his face and Cinderella took his napkin and cleaned his face.  Afterwards she gave him a great big kiss.  So cute!!  Ariel was equally awesome with Maya and even came back to get her during the parade around the restaurant.  I don’t really remember the food, but I do remember the look on the kids’ faces and how happy they were during the whole event.

_SP_8175 _SP_8190 _SP_8218 _SP_8269 _SP_8280 10409756_10154823482860008_1520280884551025853_n

On the third day we went to Hollywood Studios.  Maya absolutely loves Sofia the First and this is where Maya got to meet her.  The line really wasn’t very long, but like every other line we stood in, Maya made many new friends.  She is quite the social butterfly that little girl of mine.  Jacob made friends as well being all handsome and saying “Hi” to everyone he saw.

They had big easels set up outside of the front doors of the hotel so Maya and Jacob decided to draw before getting on the bus.

They had big easels set up outside of the front doors of the hotel so Maya and Jacob decided to draw before getting on the bus.

I’ve posted about Maya’s Sofia the First dress here and Jacob’s Prince James outfit here, so I won’t talk about them in this post.  Instead I will post our photos.



I had several cast members come up to me to tell me how awesome Jacob’s costume was.  Apparently, no one dresses their kids up as Prince James…go figure.  😉

_SP_8526 _SP_8513 _SP_8523


Hollywood Studios was quite the busy day.  Sofia and Prince James in the morning, and Elsa and Kristoff in the afternoon.  Because I had Elsa and Anna for Maya to wear, I had to decide when she would wear each dress.  We decided that she would be Elsa for the Frozen Sing a long at Hollywood Studios and Anna when she actually got to meet Elsa and Anna at Magic Kingdom a few days later.  This was mostly because she was very excited to wear her Elsa costume again.  Again, I won’t go into details of the costumes themselves because I have already done so here and here and also here.

_SP_8630 _SP_8656

So it would appear that we didn’t really get any photos of Jacob dressed as Kristoff, and very few of Maya as Elsa during our time at Hollywood Studios.  :(

And finally, Anna with Kristoff.  Thank goodness Jacob didn’t get his Kristoff tunic too dirty because I was able to spot clean it.  I still don’t know how to clean it properly with that fake fur trim.  I think it may need a trip to the dry cleaner.  I had heard that waits to see Anna and Elsa at Magic Kingdom could be upwards of 2 hours.  There was NO WAY I was going to partake in that nonsense.  So I had a plan.  Luckily, we were going to be at Disney World the first week of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party where at 7pm the park closes to regular guests and in order to stay beyond 7pm you had to have tickets to the “party”.  In theory, the crowds would be lighter.  Normally we were back in our hotel room by 7pm, but not tonight.  We were going to see Anna and Elsa.  During the day, the wait was 135 mins, and when we went it was 55 mins.  Still a long time to wait, but definitely manageable.  The kids were awesome in line and Maya again was the life of the party, and Jacob was the sweetest little Kristoff ever.

_SP_9006 MK_PFTHBLUEC1CHAR_7094935403 MK_PFTHBLUEC1CHAR_7094937284 _SP_9020 MK_PFTHBLUEC2CHAR_7094935534 MK_PFTHBLUEC2CHAR_7094935536

This character meeting was probably the highlight for both kiddos.  Jacob developed a sort of crush on Anna when we were at the Frozen sing a long so as soon as he spied her from around the corner he was calling “Anna!  Anna!”  He really stole the show being all cute and Kristoffy.  Maya had a great conversation with Elsa, but an even more amazing one with Anna.  You’d never know that less than a year ago Maya was such a shy little girl.  Now there isn’t a shy bone in her body.  Jacob talks a lot too, but most times I’m the only one who can understand him.

I can’t wait to take the kids back to Disney World.  I’m already thinking of the princess dresses and handsome prince  outfits I will make for that trip.  :)



Cinderelly, Cinderelly

This is the first of many Disney themed posts.  You see, my husband and I are taking the kidlets to Disney World in the very near future and I’ve been busy making as many outfits as I can for the vacation.  (Will it be a vacation with a preschooler and a toddler?!)  Truth is, we are super excited to take them and I can’t wait!

Cinderella was the first movie Maya sat through without being scared.  She’s just like me and it doesn’t take much to frighten her.  There are some not so pleasant parts to Cinderella, that step mother really is wicked, after all, but not in the sense that she is visually scary.

She already had a Cinderella dress, so by rights it shouldn’t have been the first Disney Princess I created for her.  But I had ordered some Michael Miller Fairy Frost in a colour that I thought was going to work for Elsa from Frozen, but when I got it, all I could think of was Cinderella.  It is CM0376-PERI-D.  The dress Maya had already was from the Disney Store, so for a satin polyester costume dress it was actually pretty nice.  But not nice enough.  So I went on a mission to make her the perfect Cinderella gown.

I knew from the start that I wanted the point in the front and that it had to have the peplummy poofy things on the sides.  I really don’t know what those are called.  (If anyone knows, please enlighten me.)  I had purchased the Princess Party Dress from Mandy K originally to make Maya an Anna and Elsa dress, but it can also work for most princesses.  The key feature for me with this dress for Cinderella was the point in the front.  If I had that, I knew I’d be able to add the white poofs to the sides.

As you may remember, Cinderella’s ball gown also has a line down the center of the bodice.  I don’t really know why it is there, but it is.   I started by adding a half inch seam allowance to the front bodice and instead of cutting on the fold, I cut two pieces and sewed them together to give me the same bodice in the end, but with the “line” down the front.  Easy peasy.   I used the front and back  bodice lining pattern piece instead of the two front and back bodice pieces since I was creating a single fabric front (and back).  If you notice on the original pattern, it has the look of a shirt under the dress bodice.  I followed the instructions directly from the pattern once I had made my changes for Cinderella.

I know the poof on the right hand side in the photo doesn’t look perfect.  Truth is, it isn’t perfect.


I used the width of fabric for each half of the skirt because I wanted it to be as full as possible.

Now those darned peplums.  I used a white Kona cotton from Joann’s.   I started with this tutorial from Scientific Seamstress.  The main difference is my skirt had the point and the Scientific Seamstress tutorial assumes you have a straight across skirt.  I just sort of winged it.  I cut a bit off the peplums to follow the curve cutout of the skirt, but I mostly maneuvered the fabric to fit the curve.  I basted the peplum to the skirt and then sewed the skirt to the bodice and crossed my fingers that it was all going to match up perfectly in the front when I was done.  It was perfect enough for me.

I really like that this dress isn’t fitted.  There are three casings on the back bodice with elastic.  This dress will fit her for quite a while.  I don’t mind when I make a dress for Maya and it fits for one season.  I’m not sewing out of necessity, I sew because I love it.  But for a costume, I would rather it fit for several years.


Maya calls it her “real” Cinderella dress.  She wears it and carries a pillow with her “glass slipper” on it.  When she comes down the stairs wearing it she loses her “glass slipper” on a stair.  It’s the cutest thing ever!

So serious!


I’m not sure I love the Fairy Frost for this dress.   The actual colour is spot on, but I’m not convinced that it looks quite right for Cinderella.  Maya loves it, and that’s what matters.  So I’ll just have to get over it.

I think she must sense a wicked step sister around the corner or something.

IMG_8518 IMG_8520

Now I just need to make Jacob a Prince Charming outfit to go with it.  How cute will that be?!

UPDATE:  It’s super cute that’s what.  Check out Jacob as Prince Charming here.