Snow White

Maybe we went to Disney World a month ago.

So that means my kids needed some additional costumes.

Last year, you may recall, I made both kids a bunch of Disney outfits.  The good thing is they all still fit!! Thank goodness because I didn’t have it in me again this year to make all the costumes.  Maya’s grown a couple inches over the past year, so her dresses are getting shorter on her, but that is OK.  And Jacob’s were starting to get a wee bit short, but they were fine for this trip.

I asked Maya if she could have one new princess dress, what would it be.  Hands down, Snow White.  She has a dress up Snow White costume that she received for her birthday one year and she loves it.  She’s never actually seen the movie, but she knows who Snow White is.


Maya is all about her dresses being authentic.  She even pointed out to Minnie Mouse last year that her dress was similar, but not the same (I added lace to the bottom and clearly Minnie doesn’t have lace on her dress).  So I knew I had to find an authentic Snow White pattern.

In comes Simplicity patterns, pattern 2817 to be exact.  This is my third time using a non-pdf tutorial based sewing pattern.  I’ve come a long way in the past couple of years in my self taught sewing ability, so I didn’t find it as complicated as I thought I would.  There were a couple of parts (sewing in the zipper and attaching the cape loop) that I know I didn’t do properly, but even after going back, I still don’t really understand what the instructions were trying to tell me.  So I did my own thing.

This dress has everything!  A detachable collar, cape and headband.  Except for the slight colour differences, if this isn’t Snow White’s dress, I don’t know what is.

Version 2

The bodice front and back have darts.  This was my first time sewing darts that actually gave shape and structure to a bodice.  And it was first time making my own piping.  I will be adding piping to garments from now on.  It was so simple and gives such a nice look.

Version 2

I didn’t have the heavyweight interfacing required for the collar, so I used medium weight but interfaced both sides of it, so I think the end result is the same.


The headband is covered in fabric with a poly filled bow on top.

Maya loves this dress.  Like LOVES this dress.

Seeing as this post is about Maya’s Snow White dress, I will save Jacob’s Prince Ferdinand’s costume for another post.  But there’s a little sneak peak up there.  I may even try to add a bit of a tutorial for it.  Hopefully I can get back into the sewing groove again.  I have a whole list of things to make before Christmas and time is a tickin’.


Till next time.  Happy sewing.

A couple of Class Picnic Blouses

It’s an Oliver and S kind of month around here.  First the 2+2 blouse, now the class picnic blouse.  Why do they call them blouses?  When I think of a blouse, I think of a top from the 80s that is uncomfortable.  These are definitely not in that category at all.  So I’m just going to call them tops.

I originally bought the Class Picnic Blouse and Shorts pattern after seeing all the super cute shorts on the Oliver and S Flickr Pool.  Seeing as it’s not even remotely close to being shorts weather, and with my intent of making a lot of Maya’s spring wardrobe, I decided on the class picnic blouse to be my next sewing project.

picnic 3

I’ve had the Littlest collection from Art Gallery Fabrics for almost a year now and have only made a handful of things (see here and here).  I just love Art Gallery fabrics.  They are technically quilting cottons, but they drape so nicely you would never guess that.  I really love this print from the collection, it’s Floral Frolic in Apricot.  When Maya saw the completed top she said, “It looks like spring”.  That was the most perfect response I could have gotten.  

picnic 1

I decided to add a bit of trim in between the yoke and the skirt part of the shirt.  It’s the lace edge of some bias tape I’ve had lying around.  The Class Picnic blouse itself is quite simple in look and construction, which is perfect for my taste.  So the lace gives it the added touch I was looking for.  Nothing too over the top, but pretty and feminine for my super girly girl.

picnic 4

I always sew when the kids are in bed.  I work full time and the only time I have to sew is in the evenings.  It means my house looks “lived in” most often, but I keep my sanity by escaping for a few hours several times a week.  Some people watch tv, I sew and I love it.  Though tv is good, too.  Anyway, like usual, I digress.  So, because I sew when the kiddos are sleeping, it means I tend to pick out the fabric myself.  When I think of it, I’ll ask Maya what she likes.  This time she picked cupcakes.  You may remember the same fabric from this skirt.

I wasn’t thrilled with her fabric choice, but I did ask her, so I had to follow through.  Turns out, I kind of like it, too.  It looks a bit like a PJ top, but Maya just turned 4, so I think she can get away with it.

picnic 2

I also added some lace bias trim on this one as well.

Both tops are a size 4 with a couple inches of added length.  I wanted them to fit for a while and to look cute with leggings.  I “may” have been able to make a size 3 in this one.  The 4 is a bit baggy.  But seeing as it’s not fitted, I think it’s perfectly ok.  Maya is really starting to slim down.  It’s makes me sad because she’s losing her “toddler” shape.

picnic 5

I really like that there are no fasteners of any kind on this top.  It means Maya can dress herself totally independently.  There is elastic in the shoulder casings which makes it really easy to get over her head.

picnic 6


picnic 7

Till next time.

A Lilly Belle Fawn Lily

I bought the Fawn Lily by Rebecca of Rock the Stitch as soon as it was released from Willow and Co.  Willow and Co. is a pattern cooperative that is made up of several pattern designers/bloggers.  This dress is so unique.  Both in look and in techniques used to sew it.  I love this dress!  I made it months ago and I’m honestly not sure when exactly.  It was one of those patterns I had to make as soon as I bought it, and that’s not like me.  Usually I buy a pattern and then it sits there forever before I actually make something with it.  I have more patterns that I haven’t tried, than patterns I have.  But I digress.  All that to say, this pattern is awesometastic.  (And yes, that’s a word :) ).

The other thing I learned while sewing this dress is that I absolutely LOVE Art Gallery fabrics.  They are the softest cottons I have felt (now, that’s probably not saying a lot because I’m no fabric expert by any means, but trust me, they are glorious).  I used Garden Rocket in Turquoise for the main fabric and Rattan Bleu for the contrasting fabric.  They are both from the Lilly Belle line by Bari J.

fawn lily edit

I believe I made this in a size 4, but it could also be a 3.  Like I said, I made this dress quite a few months ago and I didn’t think to mark anywhere on it what size it is.  Whatever size it is, it fits Maya really well, with room to grow.  She’s gone through some crazy growth spurt over the past few weeks and all of a sudden her pants and dresses are getting too short.  That’s okay though, that’s what leggings are for.

This dress has many different options for bodices and skirts.  I love when a pattern has multiple options.  You can get a totally different look with the same pattern.  The dress can be made as a tunic or a dress, with pleated sleeves or cap sleeves, a crossover yoke or a button yoke, A-line, pleated or gathered skirt, above or below the knee lengths as well as in seam pockets.  Seriously!  Awesometastic!  I chose to make this one with cap sleeves, a crossover yoke with a pleated skirt that sits above Maya’s knees.  I opted for no pockets, but seeing how much she loves hunting for treasures now, the next one I make (and there will be a next) will have pockets I think.  I chose to do the pleated skirt because I hadn’t sewn pleats before and I really liked the look of the front and back pleats.  The instructions were crystal clear and I had absolutely no trouble at all.

IMG_7373 IMG_7372


The trouble came with the sleeves.  I’ve noticed several people in Facebook sewing land and blog land having spoken of the sleeve technique.  You basically roll the whole dress up into the sleeve, sew it, and then pull the dress back through.  It makes the sleeve seam hidden and truly is beautifully finished.  It was a bit finicky, well, a lot finicky, but you just have to go slowly and think as you are doing it and it turns out fantastically.


Maya learned how to climb the back fence in this dress.  Now if only I could get her to stop climbing fences.  This may prove troublesome in her, my future.  😉