Our super awesome family vacation to Disney World: Part 5 – A forgotten Mickey shirt

I cannot believe I forgot to post this with my Disney posts.  It is one of my favourite shirts I have made to date.  I know I don’t make as much for Jacob as I do for Maya.  There are some really cute patterns out there for boys, and I have quite a few of them.  But there aren’t many fabrics available that aren’t girly.  And the ones that are designed for “boys” seem to have either super heroes or are meant for a newborn’s nursery.  It’s really frustrating to be honest.  But when I find a fabric that I think will make something uber cute for my little man, I nab it.


I found this Mickey toss fabric online.  I wish I bought more than a yard of it because Jacob LOVES this shirt.  He didn’t even know who Mickey Mouse was before we went to Disney World, and the whole time we were there he called him “that”.  He would get really excited for “that”, but he really didn’t know who he was.  Let me tell you something….he KNOWS who “that” is now!  He wants to wear “Meeee Mouse” all.the.time.

jacob mickey


This is the Classic Oxford Button-Up Shirt in size 2T from Peekaboo Pattern Shop. This was also the pattern I used as the base for Jacob’s Prince Charming costume found here and here.  I followed the pattern to the letter for this one.  I made the easiest version though because I wanted it to be more casual and I was using a quilting cotton to do so.



I used a red contrasting thread for the top stitching.  It’s really subtle but it adds that little bit more I find to make it that much cuter.  And you may have guessed it, I used KAM snaps instead of regular buttons and button holes.


This boy is the sweetest little guy.  I am really going to try to make more things for him in the New Year.

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