My little Prince Charming

As you know, we are going to Disney World soon.  I posted Maya’s Cinderella dress a while ago.  We can’t have Cinderella without her Prince Charming.  And look how charming my little man is.

Happiest little guy ever!

Happiest little guy ever!

I’m not going to lie, as much as the hand sewing on the Sofia the First dress was a pain, this outfit proved to be almost equally as painful.  I have come to the conclusion that I definitely do not like hand sewing.  But I will continue to do it, and probably keep complaining about it, too.


I searched high and low for an actual toddler Prince Charming costume pattern with no luck.  I did, however, come across this Prince Charming on make it and love it (one of my favourite blogs).  It was the absolute best starting point I could have asked for.  I didn’t really use the actual tutorial, I more used her photos as inspiration for mine.  I also googled “Prince Charming Disney World” to use photos from the parks as inspiration for my little Prince Charming.

I started with Made by Rae’s Parsley Pants.  Oh my.  It’s the first time I’ve sewn these pants and they are a fantastic pattern.  The inside seams are beautiful and they look amazing on the outside as well.  Until I sewed the gold braided trim on the outside, they even looked like a pair of store bought pants.  The Parsley Pants pattern has several options for finishes.  You can have a flat-front waistband or an elastic casing all around.  You can add pouch or box pleat pockets, or leave the pockets off (this is what I did).  There are several leg finishes as well.  You can add a tuxedo stripe on the outer sides using a satin ribbon or coordinating fabric, a pintuck (which I think would be stinkin’ adorable), or knee pads, or do nothing.  The options seem endless to make these pants unique.  I chose to add 2 rows of braided gold trim down the sides so I used the markings for the tuxedo stripe to do so.  They turned out to be so cute.  I made them in a size 2, even though Jacob measured a size smaller.  I used an existing pair of pants to determine the length since he was in bed when I made them.  They are a tad big, but I’m okay with that seeing as they will end up in the dress up trunk after our Disney trip.

Seriously...happiest kid!

Seriously…happiest kid!

Next was the jacket.  I was both dreading and so looking forward to this.  I used Peek a Boo Pattern Shop’s Classic Oxford Button-Up Shirt as the starting point.  I didn’t want to use an actual jacket pattern because I didn’t want my little guy to be too hot.  So instead I decided to make the shirt into a sort of “jacket”.  To do this I had to do two things, straighten out the hem line, and also add some length.  I found this tutorial to straighten out the hem and then I just added an inch and a half to the length.  This shirt is super cute and has some pretty nice finishes to it.  I chose the simplest options (short sleeves, no pocket) so it actually came together pretty easily.  I imagine if you are making one with long sleeves, a button placket and roll up sleeves, it would be a tad bit more involved.  But for this shirt, it was absolutely perfect.

Toddler belly!!

Toddler belly!!

Some other adjustments I made were to add an inch and a half to the sleeves as well.  I wanted to add a contrasting red cuff a la “real” Prince Charming so I needed a little extra length to make sure it looked okay, since it’s a short sleeved “jacket”.  I also added medium weight interfacing to both collar pieces to make sure it stands up.  I made the collar in red.


Once I had finished machine sewing the “jacket”, it was time to add all of the embellishments.  I started with the button holes.  I wanted a belt near the bottom so I placed my 3 button holes equally spaced above where I wanted the belt to sit.  I added 2 rows of braided gold trim to the exterior of the collar piece before I sewed them together at the beginning.  I hand stitched the gold braid “loops” (official term) on either side of the central buttons and added gold buttons to the centers.  Next I made the epaulets (the red things on the shoulders).  I just cut a piece of paper to the size I wanted, checked it against the shirt, made a couple of adjustments and cut my fabric to size.  I added heavyweight interfacing to only one side and attached the gold dangley trim. Then I hand stitched them to the shoulders, centering them on the shoulder seam line.  I only went to the edge of the shoulder seam because I wanted them to stick out from the shoulders.  Lastly was the belt.  It’s just red cotton sewn together with some leftover gold braided trim stitched on.


Just look how handsome…

Picking flowers for his Cinderella

Picking flowers for his Cinderella



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