Zebras Galore!

There was a time, not that long ago, when I decided to try my hand at sewing.  I enjoyed it right from the first stitch.  But I couldn’t ever see myself sewing a wardrobe for anyone.  Fast forward a couple of years, and tada! Maya’s closet is more than 50% filled with clothes I have made for her.  I haven’t bought her any summer clothes this year.  She has clothes that still fit from last year and she also has clothes that I bought in previous years “for the future” that now fit her.  I have no intention of making all of her leggings, underwear, undershirts or pajamas.  But dresses, tops and skirts…sign me up!

Off to the park to do some yoga

Off to the park to do some yoga

Onto the goods.  This is the LOL Swing Top by Jennuine Designs.  It’s a really loose and flowy, racer back tank top.  It’s almost a circle top…kinda sorta anyway.  It’s much wider in the back than the front which makes it super swingy.


It’s a pretty straight forward, simple sew.  I had a bit of trouble attaching the back yoke to the front.  The way Jenn has you attach them together is clever, but I mixed my left from my right and had to unpick and restitch.  It’s just a matter of paying attention and going slowly for that step.  I’m not always the best at taking my time, especially when I tend to sew late into the night.

I just love the contrast back yoke.

I just love the contrast back yoke.

The pattern calls for single fold narrow bias binding.  I wish I had cut my own binding because I used regular double fold bias and it does look quite thick on the armholes and neckline.


This top can be made in knit or woven.  This one is woven.  I haven’t tried the knit version yet.  Maybe next year.  The woven version has a button on the shoulder so you can actually put it on.  The knit version is stretchy enough that you don’t need it.  I used a snap that blends in pretty well with the back yoke.


This fabric is part of the Origami Oasis line by Michael Miller.



Now for the shorts.  Seeing as I have a love affair with Oliver and S, I thought I would try the Puppet Show Shorts.


This pattern also comes with a cute blouse.  This is one of several patterns released that only go up to a size 5.  If you want to check out the “size 5” project over on the Oliver and S blog, you can find it here.  I decided to “unofficially” take part.  Maya is in a size 4, so I still have a bit of time before she outgrows those patterns, so I plan on making them all (we’ll see if that happens).




These shorts have a subtle bubble look.  I was worried they might be too tight on Maya’s legs, but they are absolutely perfect.  There’s not much to say about the shorts. They have an elastic waistband, and super cute bubble pockets with trim.  The hem of the shorts is gathered slightly into binding.  They are a simple sew and oh so adorable!

IMG_4159 IMG_4139


And now for some photos, just because.

I love how close Maya and Jacob have gotten.  Now that Jacob is a bit older, they really play so nicely together.  Usually.  Of course they still have their trying moments.  But for the most part they are best friends.  I love watching them grow.

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