Hi!  I’m Sarah.  Welcome to my little, crazy life.sarah_small

I decided to delve into the blogging world to document my life from this point forward for myself and my children.  If people follow along, I will be thrilled!  I will be writing about my DIY projects, my kids and my recent obsession, sewing!!  I figure blogging is cheaper than therapy, so hopefully this keeps me sane.  😉

I am a married, working mommy to two amazing littles.  Maya is 3 and Jacob just turned 1.  They are my life.   And everything I do, is for them.  We live in Ottawa, Ontario.

I not only will blog about the projects I am attempting, I will also introduce you to projects I think are awesome and will (hopefully) attempt in the (near) future.

Life is hectic and passes us by way too quickly.   We need to slow down and enjoy the little things, take our time, and go “not sew fast”.


(Project ideas are for personal use only.  NOT for resale or re-distribution. Do not use photos without permission. Unless you are using them as a reference on your own blog, with a link over to my site. Thank you.)

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