A Sailboat Shirt

It’s about time I sewed some clothes for my little guy.  He gets so excited anytime I make him something.  His eyes light up and he’s so appreciative.


I purchased this red striped knit when we were in New York City from Mood Fabrics.   I made Maya a dress from it (haven’t blogged about it, but I really should) and I made Jacob a “matching” raglan T-shirt.  They were beyond excited to have “matching” clothes.  Unfortunately, the t-shirt was a tad too small for him.  He wore it a couple of times, but his tummy liked to peek it’s way out.  He kept asking for his shirt when Maya would wear the dress, so I had to get my butt in gear and make him something.


He saw me cutting the fabric one day and asked me, “Is that for me?”  And when I said yes.  In his cutest little voice every said, “thank you thank you thank you”.

This is not the first time I’ve sewn a sailboat shirt from Oliver and S.   I made one for Jacob about a year ago, but it looked like jammies, so he didn’t wear it very often.

This pattern can be sewn in woven or knit.  My first was woven, and this one is knit.  I think I prefer it in knit to be honest.  Mostly because it’s way easier to get on a squirmy 2.5 year old.



There’s not much to say about the pattern.  Like usual the instructions and the end result were perfect.  I really like the curved hem and boat neck.  I also love using facings instead of hemming, especially when there is a curve like this one.


I used snaps instead of buttons and button holes.


Jacob was a little sad in the morning when he saw the shirt.  He was expecting it to be a dress just like Maya’s.  His exact words were, “That’s not a dress.  That’s a shirt”.  But he eventually decided he liked it and he wore it to preschool.


I made this in a 3T.  It’s a bit big on him, but that’s okay.  He’ll definitely be growing into it.


Notice it’s long sleeved?  Yeah…it got cold here….fast!



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