Teeny tiny baby clothes

I’m a sucker for teeny tiny baby clothes.  If you saw my daughter’s closet before she was even born you would have thought I was having triplets.  So when I have a friend who is pregnant, I get excited about what I can make, and when it’s a girl I get even more excited.  I love baby boy clothes, too, don’t get me wrong.  My little man has some of the cutest clothes I’ve seen.  But there’s something about tiny little dresses and pants that make me excited.  I’m also aware, having had a newborn baby girl, that dresses are not the most practical things in the world.  But they are so darned cute.

The first thing I made was a pair of Big Butt Baby Pants, a pattern by Made by Rae.  These are a size 3-6 months.  They are meant to fit over a cloth diaper.  And since I know this baby will be sporting the coolest cloth diapers, these pants were the perfect choice.  I also used some of Rae’s lotus pond fabric by cloud 9 that I had for them.  I only had half a yard of this lotus drop in orange.  I think they are the sweetest little pants.  The only tricky part about sewing them was the curve on the bum panel, but even then, it wasn’t all that tricky.  These pants came together super quickly.  I think I was finished cutting and sewing in less than an hour.  And considering I’m not the quickest sewer, that’s pretty fast.


Next I used Rae’s Geranium dress pattern for the cute little top.  Again, this is a size 3-6 months.  I had some Michael Miller Clip Dot fabric in white.  I just love how classic this little top looks.  The flutter sleeves make it that much cuter I find.  I decided to do a rolled hem with my serger on the edge.  Next time I may do as the instructions say and simply zig zag the edges to see the type of look that gives.

IMG_0676 IMG_0677 IMG_0679


This was my first time sewing the Geranium and it’s definitely worth all the hype it’s gotten.  It is such a classic style dress.  I really like how the bodice hides the bodice-skirt seam. The ONLY thing I’m not in love with is the closure on the back.  I don’t think it looks perfect below the bodice seam.  It’s a really nicely finished pattern otherwise.

Eeeek!  The cuteness!

Eeeek! The cuteness!

I even have enough fabric left to sew Maya a cute summer Geranium top as well.  :)

A new year, 2 new patterns, and several lessons learned

I wrote this post ages ago but didn’t get around to getting photos of my daughter till very recently.  So, instead of rewriting the entire post, let’s pretend it’s still January 4.  Deal?  Ok.  Here goes.

We’re already 4 days into 2015.  Our tree and decorations are still up so it still “feels” like the holidays, but the kids go back to preschool tomorrow and I go back to work.  It’s been a long two weeks with one of the 4 of us being sick at some point during the holiday break.  But that didn’t stop me from sewing.  Ever since I made my promise to myself NOT to sew until I was up to date on the blog, I’ve been itching to sew something.

There are certain fabrics in my stash that I purposely bought for a specific pattern and then others that I just liked and “had” to have.  Who am I kidding, most of the fabrics I have are there because they are pretty.  I guess that’s why I have so many.  Anyhoo…I digress.

This is the Playtime Dress and Leggings pattern by good ol’ Oliver and S.  I bought this “just for fun” birch knit specifically for leggings.  These were a pretty simple sew, but hemming was a pain.  I’m still new to knits and I haven’t fallen in love with them yet.  I hope to one day.  So I’m going to keep trying. This was my first time using a twin needle.  I tried to on the hopscotch dress I made, but I hadn’t changed from a zig zag stitch and when I went to practice on a scrap, my needle went down right onto the presser foot and broke.  Lesson learned.  Always put your stitch back to straight.

I say hemming was a pain because of the tiny opening at the ankles.  Also, turns out I had my machine set to the wrong stitch.  I thought it was a stitch for a double needle, turns out it is actually the stitch that stitches on top of each one several times.  Also, seeing as when you use a twin needle you have to stitch on TOP of the fabric, I had a hard time getting the fabric under the presser foot.  I made this way more difficult than it had to be, but by the time I made the playtime dress, I had it pretty much figured out.



I’m happy I made the leggings first because the mistakes I made will be mostly covered by Maya’s top and will be scrunched up at her ankles so you won’t see the wonky stitching.  I’m glad the mistakes didn’t end up on the dress, because they would have been much more noticeable.

Maya has worn them and she says they’re pretty comfy.  The size 4 fits her perfectly.  Hopefully I can actually get some photos of her in the leggings.

Next is the Playtime dress.  I also purchased this Art Gallery “radical blooms” in blush specifically for this dress.  This is the first time I’ve sewn with Art Gallery knits.  This one did not disappoint.  It’s so soft and comfy.  Maya is going to love this dress.  And this is exactly why I must start loving sewing with knits.  Because they are comfy and that’s what kids like.  The art gallery knit didn’t seem as “stable” as the birch knits.  I don’t know if stable is the right word or not, but I mean, the edges rolled a bit and it was a bit thinner.  But that’s not a bad thing at all.  It made for the softest dress ever.


Turns out I thought I was smarter than the pattern instructions.  The dress is meant to be sewn with woven or knit and Liesl tells you what to do depending on the type of fabric you are using.  Of course I thought I was smarter and decided to eliminate the buttons in the back.  Because it’s knit, I thought it would be perfectly acceptable to eliminate them.  Turns out, because of the way the facings are and that there is no neck binding, there is very little stretch at the neck.  I knew as soon as I had the bodice together and just about cried because I really didn’t want to have to make a new bodice.  Then I remembered the way the opening is made on the “first daydress.  And I opened up the facing and sewed a notch, put an elastic loop in and cut the notch.  Flipped it right side out and tada! It fits over Maya’s head.  Not perfect, but not too bad either.  Yet another lesson learned.

Ad hoc notch

Ad hoc notch

I used my serger for most of the construction of the dress.  I still don’t feel comfortable serging a bodice and gathered skirt on the first pass, so I sew it using the “lightning bolt” stitch on my sewing machine first and then go over it with the serger to make it look better and have the layers all together as one.



Why is Maya’s face painted you ask?  Well…she went to a friend’s birthday party the day before and refused to let me take her face paint off.   So there you go.  I think it looks pretty good with her new dress.


These leggings are just some I picked up at Gymboree I believe.  I think they go pretty well with the dress.

Oh, I forgot to mention this dress has pockets!  Pockets are a definite plus these days.  Maya just loves having something to put her “treasures” in.  I just have to remember to check them before throwing her clothes in the laundry now.  :)

IMG_0633 IMG_0629

I just love the “peter pan” collar stitching.  There’s a facing underneath so it’s important to sew it down and I really like this detail.



Any reason to jump

Any reason to jump


Maya brushing her little broom...this child of mine cracks me up daily.

Maya brushing her little broom…this child of mine cracks me up daily.

No, I didn’t make the dress and polka dot leggings to “go together”.  It just so happens I wanted to try my hand at knits again and I had both of the fabrics and this pattern was sort of a “two in one”.

So there you have it.  My first sewing projects of 2015.  It feels so weird to be writing 2015.

An Honour

A couple of weeks ago I received a message on my Flickr account from Rachel.  She is a main contributor to the Oliver and S blog.  As you all know, I am a huge Oliver and S fan.  She asked me if I would write up a little blurb about my sewing from 2014 and what I am looking forward to in 2015.

I was totally flattered and honoured.  I learned so much in 2014 that I didn’t think I would be able to fit it in a paragraph or two.  But with some editing (takes me back to my university days) I managed to get it to a reasonable length.  I’ve only been sewing for a few years, and seriously for one year.  And I’ve only had my blog for several months.  I am so happy I had this opportunity.

You can find what I wrote here.  I’m the second one in.

On that note, have a fantastic weekend.  I hope to have some new things up next week.



2014 at a glance and some sewing resolutions

I thought I would make a collage of all my sewing from 2014.  Turns out, it wouldn’t fit in one collage.  So I made several.  I tried to combine them in ways that made the most sense.  Some really belonged in 2 groups, but I didn’t want to have to start cross referencing patterns and blog posts, so I did what made the most sense to me.  Hopefully all of the references link to the proper blog post.  If there’s a broken link anywhere, please let me know and I will fix it.

Alrighty, here goes.

First up, Oliver and S.  Of all the designers, I’ve sewn these patterns more than any other single designer.  Not surprising.

oliver and S collage

1.  Bucket hats      2.  Hula Hoop Skirt        3.  Ruffled Halter        4.  Swingset skirt

5.  Hide and Seek Dress   6.  Library Dress      7.  Library Dress     8.  Sailboat Set

9.  Lullaby Layette   10.  Popover Sundress    11.  Music Box Jumper  12.  Hopscotch Dress

rollerskate dress collage

1 and 2.  Rollerskate Dress   3.  another Rollerskate Dress

oliver and s jammies

1.  Bedtime Story Pyjamas  2.  Bedtime Story PJ pants   3, 4, 5.  Sleepover Pyjamas

Next up, Disney!!

disney collage

1.  Cinderella (here and here)  2.  Prince Charming (here and here)  3.  Mike Wazowski

4. Minnie Mouse  5. Sofia the first (here and here) 6. Prince James (here and here)

7.  Star Wars Mulberry Tunic  8. Mickey Mouse  9. Toddler Anna (here and here)

10.  Kristoff (here and here)  11. Elsa and Olaf (here and here)   12.  Mickey Oxford

Various Designers:

other designers collage 2

1.  Fly Girl  2. Savannah Party Dress  3. Izzy Top  4. Party Dress

5.  Elise  6.  Blue Ribbon  7.  Savannah Party Dress

8.  Reversible Romper  9.  Hummingbird  10.  Sandpit Romper

11.  Treasure Hunt Skirt  12.  Penguin Purse  13.  Pillows  14.  Lickety Split Tote

Other designers collage 1

1.  Rainbow Twirl  2.  First Day Dress  3.  Bow Tie

4.  First Day Dress (here and here)  5.  Fawn Lily  6.  Little Mini Shearwater Kaftan

7.  Bubblegum Dress  8.  Cowl Neck Dress  9.  Amelie

Ok…so I guess I sewed quite a bit this year.  This doesn’t even include everything.

Now for my sewing resolutions:

1.  I’m going to attempt to make myself something.  I have a couple of patterns that I hope to try out.  I made myself a skirt last year, but it really didn’t suit me very well so it is still hanging in the closet waiting never to be hemmed.

2.  I am going to sew more for Jacob.  His wardrobe is massive, but is lacking in the mommy-made love

3.  I am going to try to sew with the fabrics I have before I buy more.  I have way too many and not enough time.

4.  I am going to try to plan out my sewing for the upcoming months instead of just deciding on a whim.  Not that there is anything wrong with deciding the minute before I start cutting, but I have so many patterns that I have never even tried so I would like to be a little more organized.  I will still sew on a whim, because I love not knowing what I’m going to sew when I start out, they just won’t all be that way.  Planning can be a good thing.

That’s it for now. :)

Thank you so much for following along.  I hope to gain new readers and keep the faithful ones.  Hopefully this coming year I learn a lot and maybe even teach a thing or two as well.  Happy New Year everyone!!