Kids Clothes Week: a first day dress

I decided on the First Day dress by Dana Made It to attach my snow queen applique.  I wanted something that was not twirly in order to showcase my pretty applique.  I’ve made the swing version of the First Day dress (yet to blog about that), and I love how it turned out.  So I thought I would give the A-Line version a try.  I’m glad I did.

Instead of just showing the finished dress, I thought I would walk you through a bit of my sewing process.

I decided to make the dress without the sleeve even though I really like the sleeve.  I wanted Maya to wear this dress more as a jumper.  I decided to make a size 5 even though she is in between a 3 and 4 for this pattern based on her measurements.  I want her to be able to wear a long sleeve shirt under it without it being too tight.

I printed the pattern pages off and taped them together.  I really dislike this part, but who doesn’t.  The good thing about the A-line version (without sleeves) is there is only ONE pattern piece.  Yay!


I don’t know when or where or from whom I got the original idea to use Freezer Paper.  But it is the best!  I couldn’t find it in Canada for the longest time, so when I would go to the States, I would stock up.  I’m happy to say, we can get it here now.  It has a matte side and a shiny side.  Whoever tried to iron it onto fabric originally, was brilliant.  So basically you just trace your size onto the freezer paper, put it on your fabric, iron it on and cut around it.  No more pinning paper pattern pieces to your fabric.  Brilliant.  It also allows you to save the pattern you painstakingly taped together in order to use again for different sizes.

IMG_7129 IMG_7130

I would have loved to have used a colour other than white for my lining, but I’m really trying to use up what I have before I go an buy any new fabric.  So white it is.  It’s a poly cotton white broadcloth.  It’s great for lining because it’s really lightweight.  I decided to make a covered button for the back using one of the coordinating fabrics.  I really like the Hollywood Sparkle line by Riley Blake.  It really is sparkly.

IMG_7131 IMG_7132

I must admit, I don’t love the way the arm holes are done on this pattern, but it really does yield a pretty interior to the dress.  It’s a lot of pinning on my part.  Probably not entirely necessary, but I wanted my lining out outer fabric to match up perfectly.


This dress, especially the A-line version of it, is a pretty quick and straight forward sew.  It’s basically two shoulder seams and the side seams.  Because it’s totally lined, I didn’t even have to use my serger because there are no exposed seams whatsoever.  The lining is even sewn into the hem.  That part didn’t go so well and I think I have a few puckers, but I won’t know for sure until Maya tries it on in the morning.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.


Before I finished the hem of the dress, I cut my Snow Queen out from the cotton fabric backing and attached it with Heat n Bond and stitched around the applique with a straight stitch.


I finished the hem, enclosing the lining within added my fabric covered button and TADA!  a finished First Day Snow Queen Dress.  Hopefully Maya cooperates tomorrow and we can get some decent photos of her in it.




Kids Clothes Week: Snow Queen Applique

This is the first time I’ve taken part in Kids Clothes Week (KCW).  I followed along with several bloggers the last time, and afterwards decided I wanted to partake in all the fun.  Basically, KCW is a week where you take (at least) one hour a day, for 7 days and sew for your kids.  There’s a theme every time, but you don’t have to follow that.  Originally, I was just going to go my own way.  But at the last minute I decided to try to follow the theme.  At least for a day or two.

As you know, Maya loves Frozen (the movie).  But she also loves her Frozen storybook.  It’s basically just an adaptation of the movie, but a storybook nonetheless.

A few months ago I ordered the “One Thimble” e-zine.  It’s a digital magazine chock full of different sewing techniques, ideas and new patterns.  In it was an “snow queen” applique tutorial and pattern by Ric-Rac and Retro.  It’s a great tutorial on how to create an organic look to machine stitching.  It looks more like a pencil outline, than actual machine stitches.  I was a little intimidated at first, but then when I realized I have been on an applique kick over the past several months (see here and here as well as some projects in upcoming blog posts) I decided to go for it.  It’s a step up from the simpler appliques I had done.  It reminds me more of a colouring page than anything else.  You know when you were a kid and outlined the picture in marker and then coloured it in with pencil crayons….maybe that was just me.  But that’s what I was thinking about as I stitched around all the little pieces that make up this Snow Queen.

I didn’t want it to look like a literal Elsa, and I think I did a pretty good job at bringing out the essence of her, without it being blatantly obvious.

I decided to use some of the Hollywood Sparkle fabric by Riley Blake I had been hoarding for this little project, I used the chevron and damask prints.  You can easily use little bits of scraps you have lying around for this project.  It really doesn’t take up much fabric at all.  The flesh tone and the yellow hair were just small scraps I had in my scrap bucket.

IMG_7119edit IMG_7121edit IMG_7124edit

Now to decide what to put the final applique on.  I know it will be a dress (because Maya is in a “wear a dress every day” phase).  But I’m not entirely sure which one I will put it on yet. But I do know it’s going to go on the coordinating sparkly polka dot printed fabric.


See you tomorrow for Day 2.

My Little Snow Queen

Finally!  Here she is.  Elsa, the snow queen.  About time, right?


Truth is, I made this dress about a month ago.  I just haven’t gotten around to blogging about it till now.

I used Mandy K’s Princess Party dress (again) for Queen Elsa.  This time I followed the pattern to the letter (I think anyway).   Cinderella and Sofia had some variations of this pattern.  This is the very first time I’ve sewn with 100% polyester, “costume” fabrics.  And to be completely honest, I don’t even know what they are exactly.  When I walked into our local Fabricland they had a big Frozen display near the front of the store with fabrics in the appropriate colours set up to choose from.  It made my shopping trip super simple because I just chose from what was there.  The skirt fabric is a crepe satin (I think) and was only $2/meter.  Score!!  The sparkly fabric for the bodice was a real pain, but looks great.  It has a really open weave, but since I lined the whole bodice with white quilting cotton, it works.  :)  The upper bodice and sleeves was made from a piece of fabric I found in the remnant bin.  I don’t think it’s meant for clothing, I think it’s meant more for a sheer curtain, but it worked perfectly for Elsa.  The cape is a sheer fabric with snowflakes on it.  It sort of reminds me of what my Christmas tree skirt looks like.  It works perfectly as Elsa’s cape.



Elsa’s cape is detachable by 2 KAM snaps on the back.  I contemplated making her cape really long.  But seeing as it’s for walking around Disney World (and probably on Hallowe’en as well) I kept it short.  The skirt is way longer than I normally sew for Maya, but I wanted to be as true to the film as I could without risking her tripping every couple of steps.  I love that the cape is detachable, but my KAM snap ability clearly is not highly developed and it unsnaps very easily.  I’m going to have to try to fix that before we leave for Florida.


There’s really not too much to say about this pattern that I haven’t said already.  For princess dresses, this is my go to pattern.  I’ve learned enough about modifying patterns with this pattern (Cinderella and bodice on Sofia) that I think I’ll be able to make any princess Maya desires.


Even though I used some really inexpensive, low quality fabrics for this dress, it sewed up like a dream and looks fantastic.


The look on Maya’s face when she saw this was priceless.  She had been asking me for weeks for an Elsa dress and in the end it really only took a couple of uninterrupted hours.  Win-win!






Toddler Kristoff

One of my favourite characters in Frozen is Kristoff.  He is just so cute and is such a sweetheart.  Just like my little man.  So here he is, cute little toddler Kristoff.


I apologize for the quality of these photos.  We went outside after dinner and we were losing light very quickly.

This costume was really quite simple to put together.  I used Peek a Boo Pattern Shop’s tutorial found here to make the tunic.  Amy suggests using fleece, but seeing as this is a costume meant for Disney World, I didn’t want him to have to wear fleece.  So instead I used a cotton broadcloth.  Nothing fancy, but I think it looks great.  The fur is a fake fur from Joann’s.  Now cutting that stuff makes a real mess.  But totally worth it because it adds the perfect touch to Kristoff’s outfit.  The embellishments around the collar are red and purple felt. And lastly, the belt is a thick woven ribbon trim.  The belt is a tad bit long, so I will definitely shorten it before we head to Florida in a few weeks.


The tutorial is for a size 2T which was absolutely perfect, as that’s the size Jacob needs.  But one thing I totally failed to even consider was the fact that fleece has quite a bit of stretch.  Woven fabrics do not.  So when I tried to put it on Jacob it wouldn’t go over his head.  Not even a little bit.  No matter what I did, it was not going to fit.  I was devastated.  Then I had an idea.  Since the trim around the collar is made of felt, and felt doesn’t fray, I simply cut a slit down the front.  Ta Da!  A tunic that fits over Jacob’s head.  :)


I know Kristoff wears a toque and a long sleeved shirt under his tunic, but seeing as we’re going to Florida I didn’t think he would necessarily need them.  Based on last year’s weather, it should be pretty warm when we go.  The pants he’s wearing are just a simple thin knit pant that he already had.

So there you have it.  Toddler Jacob as toddler Kristoff.  All set to collect some ice.

He has the cutest little strut when he runs. I love it!!


My little Prince Charming

As you know, we are going to Disney World soon.  I posted Maya’s Cinderella dress a while ago.  We can’t have Cinderella without her Prince Charming.  And look how charming my little man is.

Happiest little guy ever!

Happiest little guy ever!

I’m not going to lie, as much as the hand sewing on the Sofia the First dress was a pain, this outfit proved to be almost equally as painful.  I have come to the conclusion that I definitely do not like hand sewing.  But I will continue to do it, and probably keep complaining about it, too.


I searched high and low for an actual toddler Prince Charming costume pattern with no luck.  I did, however, come across this Prince Charming on make it and love it (one of my favourite blogs).  It was the absolute best starting point I could have asked for.  I didn’t really use the actual tutorial, I more used her photos as inspiration for mine.  I also googled “Prince Charming Disney World” to use photos from the parks as inspiration for my little Prince Charming.

I started with Made by Rae’s Parsley Pants.  Oh my.  It’s the first time I’ve sewn these pants and they are a fantastic pattern.  The inside seams are beautiful and they look amazing on the outside as well.  Until I sewed the gold braided trim on the outside, they even looked like a pair of store bought pants.  The Parsley Pants pattern has several options for finishes.  You can have a flat-front waistband or an elastic casing all around.  You can add pouch or box pleat pockets, or leave the pockets off (this is what I did).  There are several leg finishes as well.  You can add a tuxedo stripe on the outer sides using a satin ribbon or coordinating fabric, a pintuck (which I think would be stinkin’ adorable), or knee pads, or do nothing.  The options seem endless to make these pants unique.  I chose to add 2 rows of braided gold trim down the sides so I used the markings for the tuxedo stripe to do so.  They turned out to be so cute.  I made them in a size 2, even though Jacob measured a size smaller.  I used an existing pair of pants to determine the length since he was in bed when I made them.  They are a tad big, but I’m okay with that seeing as they will end up in the dress up trunk after our Disney trip.

Seriously...happiest kid!

Seriously…happiest kid!

Next was the jacket.  I was both dreading and so looking forward to this.  I used Peek a Boo Pattern Shop’s Classic Oxford Button-Up Shirt as the starting point.  I didn’t want to use an actual jacket pattern because I didn’t want my little guy to be too hot.  So instead I decided to make the shirt into a sort of “jacket”.  To do this I had to do two things, straighten out the hem line, and also add some length.  I found this tutorial to straighten out the hem and then I just added an inch and a half to the length.  This shirt is super cute and has some pretty nice finishes to it.  I chose the simplest options (short sleeves, no pocket) so it actually came together pretty easily.  I imagine if you are making one with long sleeves, a button placket and roll up sleeves, it would be a tad bit more involved.  But for this shirt, it was absolutely perfect.

Toddler belly!!

Toddler belly!!

Some other adjustments I made were to add an inch and a half to the sleeves as well.  I wanted to add a contrasting red cuff a la “real” Prince Charming so I needed a little extra length to make sure it looked okay, since it’s a short sleeved “jacket”.  I also added medium weight interfacing to both collar pieces to make sure it stands up.  I made the collar in red.


Once I had finished machine sewing the “jacket”, it was time to add all of the embellishments.  I started with the button holes.  I wanted a belt near the bottom so I placed my 3 button holes equally spaced above where I wanted the belt to sit.  I added 2 rows of braided gold trim to the exterior of the collar piece before I sewed them together at the beginning.  I hand stitched the gold braid “loops” (official term) on either side of the central buttons and added gold buttons to the centers.  Next I made the epaulets (the red things on the shoulders).  I just cut a piece of paper to the size I wanted, checked it against the shirt, made a couple of adjustments and cut my fabric to size.  I added heavyweight interfacing to only one side and attached the gold dangley trim. Then I hand stitched them to the shoulders, centering them on the shoulder seam line.  I only went to the edge of the shoulder seam because I wanted them to stick out from the shoulders.  Lastly was the belt.  It’s just red cotton sewn together with some leftover gold braided trim stitched on.


Just look how handsome…

Picking flowers for his Cinderella

Picking flowers for his Cinderella



Prince Jacob

Sofia the First has a step brother, Prince James.  So naturally, Jacob needed  a Price James costume to wear alongside Maya in her Sofia dress.  I can’t wait to get a photo of the two of them together when we are at Disney World.  I have this cute vision of the two of them together, but reality will probably be more a crying, overtired, mess of two children.  But a mom can dream.  :)

There’s really nothing crazy fancy about James’ outfit.  He wears a green double breasted coat with tails (really it’s one big tail), a white shirt, blue bow tie and off white pants.  Should be easy enough, I thought.  And in all fairness, it was.  I had a couple of brain farts along the way, but that’s not the costume’s fault.

One might think these are drumsticks, but they are knitting needles.  One of them ended up in the creek tonight.

One might think these are drumsticks, but they are knitting needles. One of them ended up in the creek tonight.

I started with Peek a Boo Pattern Shop’s Olivia and Oliver Pea Coat and I added length to the back piece.  I think I added about 5 inches.  Jacob was at daycare when I made the jacket, so I wasn’t able to measure on him.  I should have only added about 3″.  The coat is a size 2T.  He probably would have fit in the 18-24 month size, but I want this to fit for a little while.  The coat itself is very straight forward.  I used a moss green cotton broadcloth from Joann’s for both the interior lining and the exterior.  Seeing as it’s for a costume (and to wear in Florida) I didn’t want it to be too heavy.  I bought the brass buttons from Joann’s as well.  I have enough to add some to the coat cuffs and shorts, I’m not sure they’re needed though.  Sewing the coat right sides together and flipping it proved to be super difficult.  Not because of the instructions or the fabric or anything like that.  It was because of that darned tail.  I couldn’t get it to not pucker.  I finally got it and it looks perfect, but I don’t think I could figure it out again.

James 1

The bow tie is also from Peek a Boo.  It’s the Little Gentleman’s Tie (which has both neck tie and bow tie options).  It’s the toddler size and it’s perfect.  I made the double layer bow tie seeing as James’ is fancy in the television show.  Very straight forward.  I used blue poly cotton broadcloth from Joann’s.


I don’t think more could have possibly gone wrong with such a simple pair of shorts.  For starters I cut the same leg 3 times.  In case you’ve never worn pants or shorts before, you need two OPPOSITE legs.  Yeah.  When that happens you should just stop and come back to it another day.  But I am stubborn.  So I kept going.  I then sewed the waistband on backwards.   This one I didn’t really care about because they are costume shorts….but still…come on!!!  Oh yeah, and I burnt my hand 3 times and my arm twice.  Yeah.  That was my night.  The shorts are the Sunny Day Shorts by Oliver and S.  I think it was just the night I was having as I just couldn’t get these sewn up properly.  4th time’s a charm.  Best thing about this pattern is it’s FREE!  Super simple, basic pair of shorts.  The ones I made for Jacob are 2T width with a size 4 length.  I wanted the shorts to be long on him to be more Prince James-like.  I used a bottom weight polyester twill.  I HATE sewing with polyester, especially when it’s for my kids.  But since it’s a costume, this worked out really well.



Yes, we live in Ottawa.  And yes, it’s normally ridiculously cold outside by now.  No, I did not make my little guy go outside in shorts and freeze.  It was surprisingly warm today.  :)

I just adore his curls.

I just adore his curls.

So there you have it.  One Prince James…I mean Prince Jacob.



Lullaby Layette for a brand new baby

A colleague at work just had a baby girl.  And goodness she is cute!

I really wanted to make the Lullaby Layette set from Oliver and S.  Seeing as both of my little ones are too big for a layette, I used this new baby as an excuse to try it out.  I made these in July, but the baby was just born a few weeks ago.  I made the set in a 6-12 months so it should fit her in the spring.



I’ve mentioned before that I love Art Gallery fabrics.  I’ve had the “littlest” collection for months and wasn’t sure what to make with it. So when I decided to make the layette set, this was the first thing to come to my mind.  The fabric is so buttery soft; perfect for a new baby.  And this collection of fabrics is one of the cutest I’ve seen.

The pattern comes with 4 different views.  A bodysuit, long (or short) sleeved top, pants and a little jacket.  It’s definitely unisex, but I do find the bodysuit a little bubbly, so not too sure how it would look on a baby boy.  Like with all O+S patterns, it was super straightforward to sew.   It goes up to size 24 months.  I guess technically Jacob would still fit, but I think this set would look cutest on little babies.

I made the jacket reversible and used prepackaged crocheted bias trim for the binding around.  I think the crochet trim gives it that little something extra.

IMG_7418edit IMG_7419edit

I decided on the green for the pants because there is just way too much pink in a newborn baby girls wardrobe (at least from my experience).  The pockets on the back are just so cute!

IMG_7411edit pants back

I made the bodysuit with my favourite fabric from the “littlest” collection.  These bunnies just make me happy.

IMG_7417edit bodysuit

It’s great that I have plenty of friends having babies as I will definitely be making more of these sets in the future.

A Lilly Belle Fawn Lily

I bought the Fawn Lily by Rebecca of Rock the Stitch as soon as it was released from Willow and Co.  Willow and Co. is a pattern cooperative that is made up of several pattern designers/bloggers.  This dress is so unique.  Both in look and in techniques used to sew it.  I love this dress!  I made it months ago and I’m honestly not sure when exactly.  It was one of those patterns I had to make as soon as I bought it, and that’s not like me.  Usually I buy a pattern and then it sits there forever before I actually make something with it.  I have more patterns that I haven’t tried, than patterns I have.  But I digress.  All that to say, this pattern is awesometastic.  (And yes, that’s a word :) ).

The other thing I learned while sewing this dress is that I absolutely LOVE Art Gallery fabrics.  They are the softest cottons I have felt (now, that’s probably not saying a lot because I’m no fabric expert by any means, but trust me, they are glorious).  I used Garden Rocket in Turquoise for the main fabric and Rattan Bleu for the contrasting fabric.  They are both from the Lilly Belle line by Bari J.

fawn lily edit

I believe I made this in a size 4, but it could also be a 3.  Like I said, I made this dress quite a few months ago and I didn’t think to mark anywhere on it what size it is.  Whatever size it is, it fits Maya really well, with room to grow.  She’s gone through some crazy growth spurt over the past few weeks and all of a sudden her pants and dresses are getting too short.  That’s okay though, that’s what leggings are for.

This dress has many different options for bodices and skirts.  I love when a pattern has multiple options.  You can get a totally different look with the same pattern.  The dress can be made as a tunic or a dress, with pleated sleeves or cap sleeves, a crossover yoke or a button yoke, A-line, pleated or gathered skirt, above or below the knee lengths as well as in seam pockets.  Seriously!  Awesometastic!  I chose to make this one with cap sleeves, a crossover yoke with a pleated skirt that sits above Maya’s knees.  I opted for no pockets, but seeing how much she loves hunting for treasures now, the next one I make (and there will be a next) will have pockets I think.  I chose to do the pleated skirt because I hadn’t sewn pleats before and I really liked the look of the front and back pleats.  The instructions were crystal clear and I had absolutely no trouble at all.

IMG_7373 IMG_7372


The trouble came with the sleeves.  I’ve noticed several people in Facebook sewing land and blog land having spoken of the sleeve technique.  You basically roll the whole dress up into the sleeve, sew it, and then pull the dress back through.  It makes the sleeve seam hidden and truly is beautifully finished.  It was a bit finicky, well, a lot finicky, but you just have to go slowly and think as you are doing it and it turns out fantastically.


Maya learned how to climb the back fence in this dress.  Now if only I could get her to stop climbing fences.  This may prove troublesome in her, my future.  😉




Maya, or is that Anna?

Like every other little girl on the planet, Maya is obsessed with Disney’s “Frozen” at the moment. She loved watching YouTube videos of the songs so much that I took her to the movie theater for her first movie experience, complete with pop corn (and milk, of course) back in March. Long story short, she was quite scared, and we left about 20 minutes in. Fast forward to today and she still LOVES “Frozen”. She has the songs memorized and sings them every day. It’s so cute watching her re-enact the movie. She has since actually watched the movie, but it took my sister (Jessica), and a group of her friends to sit through it with her for Maya to get to the end.

I found a Disney Store Animator’s Collection Toddler Anna doll when I was in Toronto for a conference a couple of months ago. From that moment on I tried to figure out how I could recreate that exact dress in actual toddler form. There are plenty of dress patterns out there for “big” Elsa and Anna, but NONE for toddler Anna. You know, Anna from the beginning of the movie, where she knocks on Elsa’s door and proceeds to sing, “Do you want to build a snowman?”. It’s been on the back burner for quite some time, but I finally found a pattern to be the frame work of my own version of Anna.

One happy girl

One happy girl

I started with Tie Dye Diva’s Fair and Square Tunic and Dress Pattern because it had the square neck I was looking for.  I knew that as long as I had a square bodice and tutorial to follow, I would be able to wing the rest of the dress to be just like Anna.  I brought little doll Anna’s dress to Joann’s to find the perfect colours for the dress.  I used a taupe coloured packaged bias binding for the neck and armholes and used black cotton for the bodice.  The skirt is double layered with a dark green as the lining and a paler green scalloped overskirt.

It was my first time doing a scalloped edge.  It is definitely far from perfect (don’t look too closely or you’ll see the puckers at the tips of the scallops), but I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  I used a CD to mark off each of the scallops and it just happened that they fit perfectly on the fabric I had already cut.  I followed this tutorial (very) loosely to make the scalloped edge.  I drew by hand the leaves and bud for the skirt edge and bodice and cut them out one by one.  I used heat and bond on the fabric and fused each piece to the dress.  I debated just leaving it like that because I was dreading having to sew around each piece.  But knowing that this dress is going to get A LOT of wear, I figured I should suck it up and sew around each piece.  I just used a straight stitch and it was really quite fast in the end.  Now I know they aren’t going anywhere.


Now Maya would have been fine just wearing a white t-shirt under the dress.  But I’m a bit crazy and the blouse that the Anna doll wears is a very pale green with a Peter Pan collar, I also had to make that.  I found Little Kiwi’s Closet Leila’s Everyday Blouse Pattern that fit the bill.  It’s also a pattern I can definitely see myself making again (in a non-costume type way).  The fabric I used for the blouse was a very lightweight cotton that is almost see through.  But seeing as it’s only going to be worn under the dress, I’m okay with that.  I used KAM snaps instead of buttons on the shirt.

IMG_8503 IMG_8515

So there you have it.  One really cute toddler Anna dress and one extra super happy little girl.  She has been Anna almost every day since I gave her the dress.  She needs her hair in “Anna braids” which aren’t braids at all, just half pony tails and her “Anna shoes” where she puts the black elastic under her feet because her doll’s shoes don’t have the strap.  It’s all in the details.  :)

IMG_8494 IMG_7189edit IMG_7188edit IMG_7180 IMG_7162edit IMG_7159

I love that she loves it.  That makes me one happy mommy!

Please note:  These photos were taken on multiple days, hence the different (“non Anna”) shoes and shirts she’s wearing.  I wasn’t quite finished the blouse and I really wanted to give her the dress, so she wore a regular t-shirt underneath.  Turns out, that she didn’t really care if it was the pale green blouse or an off white t-shirt.  Oh well.  :)


Oliver and S Roundup Part 4: PJs

I love PJs.  And I really love the Oliver and S Sleepover Pajamas.

Last February, Maya’s class had a pajama day.  I was really looking forward to it because I had the perfect fabric for such an occasion.  For the life of me I cannot remember what fabric this is, so if anyone can refresh my memory, that would be awesome.   I had seen Gail’s version here and I had to make my own.

These are your not-so typical, button up pj top with elastic waist pants.  Not the simplest thing I’ve sewn by any means, but like typical Oliver and S style, Liesl walks you through step by step and makes the process so much fun.  One thing I’ve realized recently, and I had a conversation about it with a friend of mine who also sews, is that I love being challenged by a pattern.  It’s fine and dandy to be able to sew something up super quickly, but I much prefer the more labour intensive things.  I love learning new techniques, and I love having to think a little bit as I go along.

PJs (2)

Speaking of learning new techniques, this is the first time I had sewn an external facing and patch pockets.  I just love the details in these patterns.

PJs (4) PJs (3)

I made Maya a size 3T.  They were a bit too long in the arms and legs, which was actually perfect because they are meant to be rolled up for just this reason.  In fact, they still fit her, but the cuffs are rolled down now.

After making Maya her jammy jams (as we call all PJs in our house), I made Jacob a pair of robot pants and tried my hand at my first applique on a diaper shirt.  That didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.  But seeing as I had never sewn on a knit before (and I didn’t exactly have the proper needle) I think it turned out just fine.  I made Jacob’s pants in a 12-18 month size and used a flannel I found at Joann’s.

jammies for jacob

And because I love this pattern (but mostly the pants), I made Maya some Dora PJ pants.


I’m excited to try the Bedtime Story PJs soon.  They are apparently a simple sew, so I figure I’ll have no trouble at all.  I’m thinking I may make the kiddos their Christmas jammies with that pattern this year.